Multiple embedded files that are the same

I have a set of drawings and there are say 15 sheets that make up a set of drawings that I am working on in Layout 2022. I went to check the Drawing Setup and see the same file repeated 15 times. The file is a graphic that is part of my title block. The title block is on each sheet with the only thing that changes is the sheet name and the sheet callout.

The file in question is a graphic logo and it creates a different file in the “mac hd/users/dwr/library/application support/sketchup 2022/layout/working/layout.1cubyw/ref/441637813_drds-logo_309.jpg”, and the number at the end of the file changes with each instance in the file itself. So if there are 15 sheets there are 15 instances of the file itself.

Is there a way to correct this so there is only one [1] instance of the file?

If I was in AutoCAD I would have an X-Reference that could be referred to multiple times.

You can delete the image on all sheets but one and then move it to a ‘Shared’ layer. This goes for other elements in the titleblock as well. Then purge in the [menu] File > Document Setup.

If needed on a different location, you could copy-paste it and then move it (and put it on a different layer).
Not sure how you inserted it originally, but the best way is to have those images in your template ‘Embedded’ if not changed reguraly.
If one needs a more Xref approach (or 'Component-like behavior like in SketchUp) be sure to have some sort of ‘Resources’ folder where the image resides and then insert that to start with. (Note the ‘Current’ state in the References and be sure it directs to that Resources folder instead of the temporary ‘Working’ folder.

Then, you could easily swap that image by relinking it to another.

There are a couple of types of elements in a LayOut document that have those X-ref or ‘Component-like’ behavior:

SketchUp files can be relinked to SketchUp files,
Image files (png, jpg, pdf) can be swapped by other images files
CSV/Excel files can be swapped by other CSV/Excel files and
text files can be swapped by text files

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