Multiple backup files (.skb) created

Eevery time one of our users saves a model there is a list of .skb files created. I understand the backup is created when saved but it’s a lot of files…see attached image

This is usually related to a permissions issue or a slow network.
Are they saving locally or to a network drive?

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That’s what I figured…They are saving to a network location.

You are always best working on a local SKP - a copy if necessary.
Then Saving it back to a network location when everything is done.
That way the backup file [SKB] will be made locally.
If there’s a timing issue/delay because of the remote location, then the numerically named SKB files get left behind.
When you save a xxx.SKP [and backups are enabled in Preferences] the existing [unsaved] xxx.SKP is renamed 0.SKB [or a higher number if that particular file already exists], then the newest xxx.SKP is saved, then the old xxx.SKB is deleted and the 0.SKB is renamed as the one step behind xxx.SKB.
Unfortunately, with a remote location and a slow connection the final steps can often be missed out…


The time stamps are mostly 5 minutes apart which most likely makes those files the auto-save files.