Multiple active Section Planes in one Scene

Hi can anyone recommend an extension that allows for multiple section planes (or a stepped section cut line) in one scene? I have a plan view of a set with multiple structures on a sloping site that I need to run a section through. Currently I’m doing it across multiple scenes and compiling in Layout, but was wondering if such a plugin is in existence…?
I’ve checked out Sections Manager and Curic Section View but would appreciate some user feedback on the topic!

stepped sections are currently not do-able by default

you’ll have to have different group containers with the various sections differently active to achieve the view you require

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Section planes are by definition planar and are the only section primitive that SketchUp provides (that is fast and only affects the view) . Therefore no extension can come up with any other (efficient) types of sections. There is no way to combine three planes to form a step in the same editing context, because the frontmost of two parallel section planes would be overriden and hidden by the backmost.

However there exists an ancient trick (which the good old Romans were calling “Tēctum Gāieī”):
If you organise the model in nested groups (different editing contexts) where each group contains a section plane, you define an order of application of the section planes. Since the scope of a section plane is limited to the same entities context and cannot affect the group’s exterior, parallel section planes won’t override each other.


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Thanks Julian - will follow up on this…

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Thanks for the feedback - am downloading the tutorial and will apply the workaround!

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