Multi action shortcut


I am asking myself if there’s a way to set a shortcut who can execute multi commands ?

For example : Touch M = Parallelle view + top view + Zoom extent (in this order)

Pretty sure it’s not possible in sketchup, but maybe a plugin can do it ?


Well your profile says that you are using SketchUp Web (free), so you can’t use plugins.

Never heard of the 2020 Operating System but if you were on Windows then possibly you could do something with AutoHotKey…?

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Is there any plugin that can do this with pro version ?

sounds like this shortcut you are describing is made from settings for a scene, so then the scene is the shortcut…

… except for Zoom Extents. :wink:

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It’s just an example, we can imagine many preset shortcut …
other example : touch M = Fill gap plugin + align Z axis + make face plugin