Keyboard shortcut for Top View (or any views)

I know you can search for this function via shift /, but that can’t possibly be the only way to change view modes, right?

Is there a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for Sketchup for Web?

I know this isn’t a keyboard shortcut, but just checking that you are aware of the Views Tab on the right of the workspace.

Thanks, no actually I hadn’t yet, I got stuck at the lack of shortcuts.

This is still a very slow way to change views.

Is there any way to assign shortcuts to functions in Web?

The shortcuts are fairly restricted in the web version.
But it sounds like you are coming from a software that uses views in a different way to Sketchup.
The Sketchup workspace is usually more fluid that many of the other options. Using the middle mouse button you can orbit, zoom and pan all around your model while still having a tool active.
Jumping to specific views is more used for elevations, plans etc which can be set as scenes.

I’m coming from Sketchup Pro unfortunately. First time I reflexively pressed Cmd+1 did not go as planned :0

Thank you for the thoughtful reply, though.