MSPhysics - scene gets stuck halfway through simulation

Does anyone know how to recover when MSPhysics freezes the project in a position that is mid-simulation but the simulation is no longer running? I lose my joints and the original position of all my geometry. Has anyone else experienced this? It seemingly has ruined my project because I can’t recover to the original state.

The picture below shows the original state with joints visible and geometry in the correct position before simulation as well as my scene stuck mid-simulation. I have no access to my joints and can’t seem to reset the scene.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Your forum profile says you are using SketchUp 2024. MSPhysics doesn’t support versions later than 2017. This is explained in the thread for MSPhics at Sketchucation.

I am aware. I’m using 2017 for this project.

Absolutely nothing in your original post tells us that.

Did you read through the MSPhysics thread on Sketchucation?