Ms physics mac compatible?

I downloaded MS Physics plugin after seeing a demo from Justin. Looks really cool, but is it really compatible with Mac? It says it is, but following the tutorials on Youtube, all the setup modes seem to function, but when it comes to implimentation, the model disappears, and a counter on the bottom left hand of the screen counts ‘Frame’, Time and FPS. Goes on forever! Is this normal?

That depends what you modeled. It could well be that your model is simply falling out of view.

Thanks for replying, but no, not falling out of view, working on simple test for now… I have also downloaded some of the models from the 3D Warehouse, and they dont work properly. I am just thinking its a Mac thing?

Did you install the AMS library as well?
Have you restarted Sketchup since installing?
Can you show us something to go on, the model for example so we can test it, or at least a screenshot.

This is a mobile made of vitreous enamal wafers, so have to spin individually, within a group on the same vertical plane, as well as the entire model rotating around a pivotPaul’s Mobile.skp (302.7 KB)

Yes, AMS library installed. Was not able to install the plugin until this was loaded.
Have switched off the computer and rebooted.
Thank you for offering to look at the model … perhaps I am using the wrong command, but the MS Physics control panel does not come up, although was operable on one of the 3d Warehouse files…

Could you Back save it to 2017, I don’t have 2018 on this PC.

Sure, no problem. Will be interesting to see if this works on a PC, or I am using the wrong tools to set this. You dont have a Mac?Paul’s Mobile v2017.skp (242.9 KB)

Two things, I can confirm that it doesn’t work on PC which suggests it’s not a Mac issue.
You have two stray entities at a long distance from the model which is causing it to ‘disappear’.
If you hit zoom extents it will zoom way out, select all then shift select the tiny model at the origin (to deselect it) then hit delete.
Now zoom extents should bring you back to the model.

As to the model I’d suggest you post it and your question to the MsPhysics thread at Sketchucation so that @Anton_S might see it and respond, I think he spends more time there than here.

Great, thank you for your time and advice

@Box, thank you for doing the support :slight_smile:

The thing about MSPhysics is that, by default, it includes all components in simulation, including the hidden ones and those associated to hidden layers. I should have done it the other way, where only the specified entities are a part of simulation and the rest is ignored. I tried to imitate the behavior of SketchyPhysics, but it wasn’t the best approach. This will be changed in the next version.

A few detections.

To add to @ecati here it is with some thickness added.

Just to confirm: yes, the MSPhysics extension works on the Mac. I have used it (v0.99, v1.0.2, v1.0.3 I think) with SketchUp Pro 2016, 2017, and 2018 all on a Mac.

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