Msphysics game export


I was thinking of building a city in SketchUp and then using msphysics maybe add a vehicle to it so that it becomes a game, racing game perhaps*, is it possible to do so and then maybe publish the game for desktop and/or android use

I understand that this is nowhere near unity or any of the other advanced gaming engines out there but it’s a simple game, I’m not looking to break new ground with it

I believe someone made something like this in MSPhysics a few years back… a car driving around a track which was kind of cool. That part you could probably do.

As for distributing it, what you make would be a .SKP file that would only work for someone using SketchUp for Desktop with MSPhysics installed. There is not way to get an SKP to run on a device.

Engines like unity have software that runs on devices and makes the game work. There is nothing like that for SketchUp or MSPhysics.

Thank you