MS Physics Skateboard Problem

How do I assign a controller to a motor joint? When I press ‘w’, it doesn’t spin… The wheel spins when the joint is outside the group, but doesn’t spin when it’s inside the group. When the joint is inside the group, the wheel won’t move forwards, so that’s why I put the joint into the group.

Wheel.skp (121.8 KB)

I’m trying to make a skateboard that can roll, turn, and do flips & jumps.

Edit: I think I figured out the problem. I had to connect the wheel to another object. The wheel won’t spin by itself, unless it’s connected to something else? Also, I used the controller “righty * 5”.

Edit 2: I got the controller working, but I’m having trouble making the board ollie.

I added a servo joint to each truck to “pop” the board into the air, but it’s rotating the joint instead of the board. How to I get the servo joint to rotate the board instead of the joint? It should look like it’s on two wheels doing a wheelie after it spins.

I could just use a thruster, but the problem with that is there isn’t a height limit.

I also want controls to spin the board along the y & z axis.

Here’s my control scheme so far…

Rolling (thruster)

[(key(‘’) - key(‘’)) * 0, (key(‘up’) - key(‘down’)) * 10, (key(‘’) - key(‘’)) * 0]

Turn trucks
rightx * 10


(key(‘’) - key(‘w’)) * 30

(key(‘s’) - key(‘’)) * 30


(key(‘a’) - key(‘d’)) * 30


(key(‘q’) - key(‘e’)) * 30

skateboard 1.skp (814.0 KB)

Edit 3:
I got it to kinda work in 0 gravity, but it’s still not working with gravity…


How do I get the camera to follow the skateboard?
I have a mac, so I can’t use the fps option in MS Physics.

Edit 4: I got it to do a kickflip! I increased the mass of the spinners, spread them out for leverage, and increased the speed of the spin.

Here’s a working model, if anyone wants to play.
Skateboard 4 forum.skp (867.2 KB)
The skate spot was too big to upload, but you can draw your own obstacles. You need MSPhysics to play. Just press the play button.

The controls are:
up = forwards
down = backwards
left = turn left
right = turn right

s = ollie direction spin
w = nollie direction spin
a = shuvit spin
d = shuvit spin other direction
q = flip
e = flip other direction

To ollie tap s, then w. To kickflip tap s, then q.
It’s still a bit buggy, but it works at least :sweat_smile:.

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