Moving Sketch Up App to Azure Virtual Desktop


Looking for any help here. As of February 2020, it appeared Sketch Up would not work in a VD environment. Does anyone know if that is still the case?
Looking to move the app into an AVD environment.

You might want to be a bit more forthcoming in your question.
I admit at my age vd to me is an std, avd must be an awful std, but I’m guessing you are talking about a virtual environment.
Sketchup generally isn’t supported as such, but I’m not clear on what we are talking about. So please add more info.

OpenGL support is crucial. Some time ago I had the opportunity to test SketchUp in a virtual machine that was running in a Citrix-based environment on a powerful server with Nvidia Grid (or something like that) graphics that gave every client the capabilities of a medium-grade Quadro graphics card, and it worked perfectly. I could run it remotely on a business laptop via a 3G mobile phone hotspot.

As @Box said, it is not a supported environment.

Googling, it seems to me that basically Azure doesn’t support a “graphics card” but that it is available in “N-series VM-s” N-series - first Azure VMs with GPU | Microsoft Docs