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I have a bit of a difficult question, we are working with SketchUp Pro on a iMac 21,5 inch, late 2012 with a 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor 8GB with a NVIDIA GeForce GT640M 512 MB. It’s not the best computer, rendering goes pretty slow with big models. But because computers develop each year, we do not want to buy a new one every few years. We choose to ‘rent’ a computer in the cloud, from Microsoft Azure, so we could render in the cloud with the capacity we need. Now here comes the problem: we have to open the virtual machine via a remote desktop program, SketchUp doesn’t like that and shows an immediate error. Does anyone know how we can get SketchUp to work in the cloud? We have tried Teamviewer, VNC options etc. but nothing seems to work.

I hope someone can help us, thanks in advance!

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The remote desktop system must support OpenGL. This might require special hardware on the server side. I have tested it successfully with a Citrix-based virtual machine running on a server that has a Nvidia Grid-based graphics system.
In general, virtual/remote environments are “not supported” by SketchUp.


Thank you! I will contact Microsoft Azure support about this. They can’t find a solution, I hope this might work.


Although IANAL, Section 2.5(g) of the EULA seems to prevent this: “You should not [… SNIP …] (g) use or host the Software in a virtual server environment.” Ref:


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