Can I run SketchUp in Azure Virtual Desktop?


Please can you confirm if I can run the above in AVD?

Many thanks.


SketchUp is not supported in virtualized environments, but in practice the answer might be “What kind of Azure Virtual Desktop?” as it seems that it must be a special version that supports a GPU and OpenGL

It is not even allowed according to the eula.
But wait, there might be hope:

We’d be running it on a NV6 which offers a virtualised GPU.

Many thanks for pointing that out Mike…is the EULA available on-line?

This should be available in the [menu] Help > About SketchUp (Win)

2.5 section (g)

You will get the standard reply of it’s not supported. It’s hard to believe that Trimble is not working on a solution but their silence is killing their business. As an IT company we support about 15 AEC clients. We’ve moved several to Azure and hope to move many more. As it stands these clients are looking at alternatives. Instead of putting up a wall that it’s not supported they could say they are working on a solution.

Does Azure support OpenGL? According to the article linked to by @Anssi earlier in this thread Azure Virtual Machines don’t come with GPU capabilities. Has thas that changed? If not or until they do, there’s really no point in Trimble doing anything to support Azure since SketchUp requires a GPU that supports OpenGL.

Did you read the link a few posts back?
I would say that’s an official statement.
SketchUp is just a (small) part of one of the four or five major divisions of Trimble.
I wouldn’t expect official roadmaps in a user forum, though…

We have seen some pretty cool stuff coming from collaborating with other companies (Boston Dynamics > Spot, Microsoft > Hololens)
Who knows what the integration with Azure brings?

All signals are pointing towards a more modern SAAS (software as a service) with the phasing out of the classic license and more recently the Trimble Identity v4.

Get in contact with sales to share your concerns, I would suggest. Although this forum is monitored by team members, you won’t get answers directly.


Azure does offer GPU machines. We use them daily.


I just read the link. That does sound promising. I talked to Sketchup sales today and they know nothing of this. My earlier point is they need to get the word out or they will have people switch.

The article talks like Autodesk does not exist. The only product I know from Trimble is Sketchup. Maybe they offer more but Autodesk seems light years ahead in the AEC field.

With that said I welcome any advances they make. Autodesk needs the competition. Trimble needs to speak up and educate their staff. Thanks for the link.

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