Moving objects to the background

I have design a piece of furniture using SketchUp but now need to add walls to see it in its location. When I add a wall, it appears in front of my piece of furniture. How do I move the wall to the background so that I can see the item in front of it?

You can try to

  • move the wall to the background
  • move the furniture to the front
    both with the move tool…

“Front” and “back” are relative to your point of view in 3D space. If you were to orbit the camera (your point of view) around to the other side of your two objects, their visibility with respect to you would be reversed even though they hadn’t moved at all.

Visibility in SU is determined just like in the real world: nearer objects occlude farther ones.

You should probably conceptualize your task as modeling the piece of furniture and then modeling the setting as two subtasks, and then placing the piece of furniture in its position in the setting as a third subtask.


If the wall is obstructing your view on the furnuture, try adding a section plane to your model.
An active horizontal section plane enables you to see the interior from above.
A vertical section plane will “cut away” the front or side wall depending on the position and orientation of the plane. Look into applying section planes

Thanks Cotty. But what tool(s) do I use to move to the background and how do I use them?

It’s called the move tool, to begin with, you can watch the embedded video in my answer?