Image disappear when I paste it on the wall

I am using the free version online. I have three walls with artworks all over and I want to move images from a wall to another. When I paste one image and try to put it on a new wall it disappears and go inside the wall. There is no way of having it on the wall.
Thank you.

Use the move tool, and grab the object by a corner.

Thank you for this quick answer! Even with move, the image does not appear on the wall …

You might consider floating the image very slightly off the wall.

Or draw a rectangle on the wall the size of the image and use the image as a texture to fill that rectangle.

Can you upload the model or post a pic of the problem?

I have just a blue rectangle and it does not appear on the wall.

Ah, OK. Does it appear after you place it (second click)? Also you need to think in 3D not 2D. EVERYTHING in sketchup is 3D, so a flat image when placed on a wall like this is trying to occupy the same space as the wall itself. as mentioned above place it slightly away from the wall, or use the push pull and give it a thickness of say 1/16" so it is “real”, or create a blank 3D object and paint it as mentioned above. Hope it helps!

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