Copy - paste wall disappear

Hi. I just startet using Sketchup for drawing my house. I have watched the 3 first youtube videos. Very helpfull. But I have a problem. I want to copy a window from one side of my house to the other but when I paste it in, it removes til wall so that i look in to the house. In some how I got it rigth, but I dont know how. Any explanation? So that it wont happen again.:slight_smile:
Another problem is when I e.g. wants to move the window a little bit and I mark it, I somehow also mark e.g. the window on the other side of the house…

Instead of Copy/Paste to make copies, try using Ctrl-Move–that’s the Move tool with a tap of the Ctrl key, which means Move a copy and leave the original behind.

I assume the window is a component. That means that anything you do to one instance of the component (any changes or additions you make) also happens to any other instances. Hence the mark getting replicated.

To pack more relevant information into your head, after you watch a video, try looking up the major sub-topics of the video (a tool or technique, e.g.) in the Help Center and reading the associated article. Soon, your cranium will bulge with SU factoids, and you will be a master modeler.


How do you select it?