Paste Tool not working the way I think it should

Whenever I paste something, it pastes far away from my cursor

What exactly are you pasting? Where are you copying it from? Can you share a SketchUp file that includes something that “pastes far away from your cursor”?

Well, I want to paste the bench from my clipboard. It should be lined up like the other two benches, but it isn’t.Westkeep Castle 2.skp (2.7 MB)

Instead of using Copy and Paste, you should be using Move/Copy. (Ctrl+Move) That will make creating aligned copies easier.

Additionally, you should learn about using components and groups. That would make your model much easier to work with than using all loose geometry like you have. And you should get in the habit of making sure face orientation is correct throughout your model. You have a lot of blue back faces showing.

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Thanks for the advice. I have only been using SketchUp for two days. I will try your tips.

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You should spend some time learning the fundamentals. Start here.