Moving ends of cylinders


Hello wise forum people…

I have just been getting to know Sketchup for the day and getting on quite well. That is until I try to move the ends of cycinders to points in my designs.
The standard method of moving around the ends of rectangular objects works a treat, but when I apply the same steps to tubular shapes, it just push/pulls them and doesnt relocate them. I have spent hours on this without a solution. I actually had it work just once but doing many further subsequent repeats had failed.

Can anyone offer any tips to make this work?



Not knowing what you mean by the ‘standard method’ it’s bit hard to guess what is is you want to do.
But here is, select the end and use the move tool.
Is that anything like you want?


Thanks Box,

Thats exactly what I want and your demonstration is just like what have seen described in the video tutorial (so I assumed it was the standard method).
Its also what I have been doing without success. It seems to me that you are somehow able to activate the different axes to move the end of the cylinder along their planes. What step am I missing to do that? I can only move on the blue axes with the move tool.

Many thanks


Hit Alt to activate autofold.


Wow!..That was simple…and It works!

Many thanks Box