Align groups frames

Hello there! Is there any way to align frames from groups (highlighted in the attached image)?

(I need the highlitghed parts to TOUCH each other)

I´m using Sketchup Pro 2019.

In the case of your cylinders, grab one cylinder at a vertex on the edge and move it to the corresponding vertex on the other group.

When using the Move tool you should almost always grab the component or group by a spot that has a definite destination.

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Hello, Dave! Thanks for replying! Actually I know I can do that. I was wondering if is there any way (including any Extention) that would let me “grap” the frames from groups in order to move the group from the blue frame (not from the objetc inside that frame).

If NO, this is definetly a needed function for Sketchup, specialy for people who work with circles/cylinders (considering that grabing the vertex on the edge of the circle may not be so precise), as shown above, that you can see the vertex on the edge of the slected cylinder is not aligned with the edge of the other cylinder

I work with a lot of circles cylinders and other round shapes and haven’t had any problems moving parts together. Inferencing works just fine for almost everything.

You could look at something like Thom Thom’s Draw Bounding Box.

In the screen shot you added after my reply, it appears you aren’t dragging the radii of circles out on axis. Instead you seem to be dragging them out at random angles. It’s a good idea to drag them on axis.

You might also considering modeling parts where they will need to be rather than moving them into place. That can save you a lot of time and effort and reduce the chances for errors. I did that for every component in these models.


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Fredo’s Move along tool, part of Fredo Tools will move objects by their bounding boxes.


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Thanks for your attention, Dave! Helped me a lot, my friend!

Wow! Thats awesome! Thank you, Shep! Thats exactly what I was talking about.

Did you see my added comment?

The cylinders you show would be difficult to place precisely. Get in the habit of drawing the circles correctly to start with and the imprecision goes away.

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