Moving and copying a drawing

To copy and move a drawing was never a problem with 8. I have downloaded Make, very similar I must say, however for some reason i have 2 anomalies to which I do not know the answer

  1. when drawing a simple rectangle the actual line drawn does not show until I have completed the rectangle - this sometimes makes it difficult to ascertain where exactly one is drawing… this differ from 8 - always able to see the line/rectangle as you draw it.
  2. For some reason when try to I select a small drawing I have done to duplicate it, the selection simply does not happen, or it selects a few of the lines on one side of the drawing… any ideas please?
    Thank you

It sounds like a graphic card issue.
Go to preferences/opengl and untick use hardware acceleration. If that fixes the problem you should check and upgrade you Graphic Card driver.

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Could you please advice what is the minimum graphics card required. I am a pensioner so will look for a 2nd hand one.
My system is as follow
Intel (R) Core ™ i7-3770 CPU@3.40GHz
8 gig of ram 7.2 usable.

I inquired from the guy who sold it to me - he says it has currently no graphics card.
Thank you for your help,
Kind regards

See the hardware and software requirements in SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help.
I am personally biased towards Nvidia-based cards as they seem to have more reliable drivers than the alternative. SketchUp mostly requires that the card is there, and buying the latest and greatest expensive ultracool whizbang model is generally unnecessary. A medium range card with 2GB of memory should cost you something like 100 euros or dollars, and would be quite enough in most cases.



Thank you, you have been a great help.


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