Moving an object on a face

I have placed an object (a group) on a face in another group. I now want to move the object around on that face. When I move it the object comes off the face - is ther some way I can force it to stay on the face while I move it?


Use the arrows to lock the axis where you want to move an object, select the move tool before hitting an arrow.

Hmm… Thank you for your response.

The face is vertical - hitting the up arrow does indeed lock it in place for movements up and down. Unfortunately the face does not line up with Green or Red axis. So moving left and right don’t work.


Use the inferencing system

Ohh Yes - that works just fine - Thank you!

I’m guessing from your Avatar you’ve had issues with this before.

It’s worth being aware of the Glue function. If you create something on a face it can be glued to that face. This means it can only be moved in the same plane as the face it is glued to, it will also move with that face. If you unglue it it becomes independent.
Here’s a simple example.

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