Moving a Sketch up file

How would I move a Sketch up file to a Thumb Drive?

Where are you moving it from?

I want to move it from my MAC lap top to a Thumb drive

It would be the same as putting any other file on a thumb drive. Plugin in the drive to a USB port, find the SKP file in Finder and move it to the drive.

I can save views as a SKP file and retrieve it from Finder but is there anyway to take a whole Model and put it on a thumb drive to give to someone else to use on their web site. Guess I should have been more thorough with this question initially.

The SketchUp model when saved has the extension SKP. It is the whole model.

As for using the file on a website, it depends on what they want. Maybe you need to export an image from the SketchUp file so it can be shown on the site. File>Export>2D will cover that. Export as a JPG or PNG raster image.

Ok, since I have you - what app do you use to down load an SKP. Since I have you, what APP do you use to open an SKP once down loaded?

The only app that will open the SKP file is SketchUp so of course that’s what I use.

Thanks so much

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