Move Tool not Toggling Copy

Tried several times tonight - since the ‘update’; nada.
On a mac, using Option key.

[P.S. - Very, very laggy for the past few weeks, as well.]

What browser? Chrome and Firefox are recommended, Safari is not.

Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 - doing an update now.

P.S. - Cookies are enabled & read the release notes to see if something had changed; no go.

Got it! Looks like instead of holding the toggle, press and release - still experimenting as sometimes it seems like I have to do it 2x until the ‘+’ appears.

Toggle is the key word, that is the new function, it now toggles instead of having to hold it.

Yes. that’s the way it works. I thought you were already doing that or I would have suggested it.

Sorry, guess I can be dim…but it was new to me. Thanks!

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