Move SketchUp model inside mounted frame in LayOut


When inserting SketchUp models in LayOut I often find them uncenterd and it is very hard to align stuff. Not the monted frames but what’s inside the frames. I know how to adjust this in the scenes in SketchUp and update the model reference but that shouldn’t really be necessary, right?

See the image as an example, the frame visible on the left side is pretty centered in the box but the one on right isn’t.

Right, so what I was looking for was to double click the entity and hold shift to move the model instead of rotating it.

If the updated scene(s) is (are) right, then the model should also be in Layout.
And yes, you need to do this (centering) in SketchUp.if you want it to look nice (per scene) in Layout.
In other words, if SketchUp scenes are set up sloppy, you’ll have a hard time in Layout.

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You can drag the edges of the viewport to adjust where the edges are relative to the model but_ do not_ double click on the viewport to pan the model within the viewport. Opening the viewport by double clicking on it causes the link between the SketchUp scene and the viewport to be broken. After that, any scene-specific changes you might make in the SketchUp model will not be shown in the viewport because it is no longer representing that scene.

Generally, set up the scenes in your SketchUp model to show the view you want. Make view changes there later and update the views. Only change the size of the viewport window in LayOut. Set up the scenes so the object of interest is centered. That’ll make it easier to work in LO, too.