Move scale handles inside dynamic component


I have made a dynamic component of a window which can scale to an opening. I want the scale handles to move inside the component to the extent of the frame rather than the flange around the outside. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, open the dynamic components editor, there must be an scale attribute, it must say that some handles are hidden, click on that kind of arrow to the right, there choose the handles you want it to have.

Cannot, the flange will scale as well, you could make the flange=0 then scale. then change flange back to =20mm after

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A trick ive come to use in this situation is to add an custom attribute ‘active’. When 1 i position these outside components within the bounds of what i want to scale. Once ive set the size, change ‘active’ with onclick function to 2.

Position of other entities =
Choose(parent!active, value1, value2)

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Thanks, this worked. The flanges weren’t necessary, but I thought they would look good for detailed drawings

Interesting. Whnever ive tried to set dimensions to 0 it flattens component turning it into a single face, then loses the abiltity to tranform to a solid again. I should look at this again

in a DC it’s not actually 0, but 0296mm or something close to that so it can scale up again, sometimes the fraction can be picked, but unlikely to scale proportionally to be an issue in the low spectrum, probably better code is to move it out of the way.

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