Behavior of a scaled dynamic component

I have an interesting challenge. I have a series of pipe components that utilize an octagonal “handle” to allow them to snap to fittings at the proper depth. These pipe components can be scaled manually, and the handles keep their position from the end of the pipe for the most part.

However, when I type in a specific dimension, the position of the handles changes with the scale. I’m wondering if there is a way to prevent them from doing that. Not that big of a deal, but it would speed up my process by a few clicks.

Size 7 - Sch 40 Pipe.skp (69.2 KB)

with the after scale measure, you need to use the right click context menu, select dynamic components, then redraw. If this is your preferred workflow you could assign a shortcut key, whilst a component is selected, via the menu window/preferences/ shortcuts

alternative, you can use the option dialog to specify a measure
updated file
Size 7 - Sch 40 Pipe.skp (68.6 KB)

A question in regards to workflow, do you attach many and rotate? a version of Mitchel’s place, scale and orientate script may make life much easier. I can adapt it to suit your needs if you want it

That works well! However, I don’t have that shortcut available to me in SU18pro. Are you using a plugin that expands your shortcut options or are you using a different version?

If there’s an easier way to assemble these with the fittings we have, I’d be interested in learning.

EDIT: Apparently, the shortcut list is dependent on context. You have to have a DC selected to have access to the redraw shortcut.

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