How to avoid doorhandles scaling when changing doorsize in a dynamic component

I am working on a dynamic doorcomponent, where I can change Doorway size (opening in the wall).
It all work accept I have an issue with the doorhandels on my Doorleaf. The doorhandels are in the same subcomponent of the Doorleaf so they go along when the door swings open.
But by resizing the doorway the handels seem to be scaled and repositioned along the X-axes, and by resizing the height, the doorhandle is repositioned.
Can someone help me out? Is there a good tutorial for dynamic doors (with doorhandles) out there?

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Make a single component that swings, with the handle and door as children, then tell the handle and door what size and location to be inside the parent…

This is a good DC tutorial, not doors specifically though.

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Thanks for replying. Bit I dus just that. Ik Will look into thé matter and I’ll der what I can learn in the tutorial.

If you can upload the model I will have a look at it later. It’s hard to help without the model…

Ryan, this is the model.
I cleared some of the attributes in the subcomponent DoorLeaf.
blokkaderdeur DC.skp (86.7 KB)

Here you go. blokkaderdeur DC Updated.skp (113.1 KB)

Ik will look into it in the morning. Thanks for helping me out!
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Hey Ryan,

Great the component works great now. I am not at all a wizzard in dynamic components, I just started out making some dynamic components for a week now. So I have to learn a lot in the following months.
Thanks for all you help.

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