HELP! Door handle position issues

Hello, I have recently been having a lot of trouble with getting a double door dynamic component to work and I eventually hit a roadblock and decided to see if I could get any help on here.

I am trying to make a dynamic door component that allows the user to select either a single door or double door. The problem I am having is that the right door handle won’t go in the correct position when I adjust the door open angle. The single (or left) door works great.

The axis of the left door handle is on the junction of the bottom left door leaf and left frame. That axis stays there when I adjust the door open angle. However, the right door handle is always slightly off when I adjust the door open angle. The axis of the right door handle changes from where I set it after adjusting the door open angle as well.

I have tried a bunch of different things, but can’t solve the issue on this right door handle not going in the correct position. If I could get any help on this, it would be MUCH appreciated. I included the skp below. Thanks!!
IsoStore Door HD (trial 2 yikess).skp (8.5 MB)

Nested the handles inside the door.
IsoStore Door HD (trial 2 yikess)-edit.skp (8.8 MB)

Thanks! This is super helpful. However, when I change the door width/height, the handle size is altered, which I don’t want. Is there a way to avoid this? No worries if not, this is a good backup if I can’t find a solution.

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Sure is, just restrict the len x, y and z…
IsoStore Door HD (trial 2 yikess)-edit.skp (8.8 MB)

Man, you have no idea how much this helped. Thank you so much!! Now I will move on to getting this to work with all the different window types within the door component. I should be able to tackle that on my own, you’ve already done more than enough lol. Much appreciated thanks again!

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Hi again, I have been trying to solve a couple issues for some time now and I’m writing again to see if you have any suggestions.

The issue you solved relating to the handle being off when rotating was a massive help. However, I am now trying to get the handle to work like that for the different door window options.

My first problem is that I need the ability to have two hidden attributes on one component, which doesn’t seem to be an option. I tried using OR statements in the code but that didn’t work. I need the hidden options to be:

=if(Door!DoubleDoor = 0, FALSE, TRUE)


=if(Door!Window = 0, FALSE, TRUE) (the number on this would change based on window type)

My second problem is that I cannot get the handle to work for the other door window options. The only option that is working with the handles is the “no window” option that you fixed for me. I tried getting the handle working with the other options, but kept running into errors relating to the door size not being correct after adding the handle.

If there’s any chance you could assist me more in regards to these issues, I would forever be in debt to you lol. It would be a huge help and relieve the headaches of trying to get this to work. Thanks in advance!
IsoStore Door HD (working) 1.skp (9.3 MB)

OK so your incorrect height is because of this bug:

And the IF statement for visibility:


You should use Parent! instead of the component name, helps avoid typo errors and problems if you change a component name, also makes reusing sub components easier.

IsoStore Door HD Fixed.skp (650.4 KB)

EDIT: You should purge the model components / statistics every now and then as well, note the change in file size!

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I have no words. Thank you so so much.

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You’re welcome.