Dynamic Component scale problem



I’m having a problem with a Dynamic Component Door problem.skp (164.9 KB)

I configured the component so that the “glass sheet” automatically adjusts with the parent component (to which it is inserted). The “glass sheet” should adjust as the “mother component” is stretched with the tool scale to fit the opening in the masonry wall.

Can anyone solve this issue?

Thank you!


I placed a reference loop, bottom hidden to maintain the height and width of the DC parent, it also acts as a cutting plane. Allowed a setback included in the formula. Placed handles in the door component, easy for swing if required.
Door problem (1).skp (208.4 KB)


now, although it works properly, is it not possible to ajust everything automatically without that “reference loop”?

Thank you @pcmoor


you could delete the reference loop, however you will need to set clearance (folga) to 0 before scaling otherwise it will affect the overall size as it will scale too. So save the component with folga = 0. Otherwise you could place two points at diagonal corners instead of a cutting loop.


It seems a bit complicated… but ok! Thank you!


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