Move Objects Its Own Length Plus Specific Distance

I have an item with an an approximated length (~14.23").
I want to repeat the object along an orthogonal axis with a gap of, say, 4 feet between each copy.
I keep wishing there was a way to simply drag a copy flush with the original and then typing something like +4’ to set the final distance before typing x and the multiple.

Is there a shortcut of this kind?

Set a guideline or guidepoint 4 feet off the end of the original object. Then grab the objects opposite corner with the Move tool and copy it down to the guideline or point. After you’ve placed the first copy, hit Enter. Then type x followed by the number of new copies you want and hit Enter again.

Of course you could just add the length of the object to the move distance but this method means you don’t have to do that math.