Create a Copy, along the same exact axis

Hello All,
I have an object (shipping container) that I have placed on a slab I made. I want to make an exact copy of the object/container, and move it along the red axis, so it is perfectly in line with the first object/container.
I drew a straight line from the back of the object/container, so the line is on the red axis. I then selected and copy and paste the new object/container and I thought I could simply snap it to the line. However, it is not working, it keeps jumping past my straight line on the red axis.
So, that is my question…how do I get an exact copy to be exactly in line on the red axis, from the original?
I’m using the 2017 desktop free app.
Thanks for the help

Why don’t you just use Move/Copy to make a copy and move it the exact distance?

Get the Move tool and activate it’s Copy function by clicking Ctrl.

that’s what I tried, use the move. however, when I move it. the object keeps jumping past my line, so I cant get it exactly even with the first object.

Hello, do you have by any chance length snap on ? Go to window > model info > units and uncheck length snapping if it’s on


Super, this worked, It’s been so long since I’ve used SketchUp, I had forgotten about Ctrl.
Thanks for the help

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