Copy / move repeat with increasing increments?

Hi Sketchup Hive Mind,

I am wondering if there is a way to move an object a given distance as you do normally, but to multiply the copy/move so you can have an increasing distance between the parts, as each one is placed?. The model attached has a gap of 150mm between the horizontal pieces at the bottom, but that gap needs to increase incrementally to have a 200mm gap at the top. Can this be done? Is there some command that you can say +5mm or something for each item that is moved? I hope someone understands what I’m trying to do! Or would it be a / command but chang the distance gradually?

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Ian x

Group_7.skp (31.9 KB)

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Sounds like TIGs grow plugin…


thanks I’ll have a ganders…

another way is to use the group’s Dynamic copy capabilities, but one needs to figure the expression to create it,
=19.75copy +(copycopy)/4

copy*copy gives an increase of 2, so divide by 4 gives 0.5 increase
for copy=1 get a 1/4 too much, so 20 -0.25 = 19.75

Group_7.skp (73.0 KB)

incidentally the posts are a bit short

Thanks people. Although I’ve been using sketchup since 2007, I have so much to learn about it. This expression you wrote pcmoor (me not being very good on the maths side of life) will require tutorials and lots of reading to get a better grip on these generally.