How to move an object a specific distance away from another object

Testing out the app and building small shelves, how do I move one shelve say, 12" away from another shelf?

The best way is to make a copy of the shelf with Move/Copy. Move the copy in the desired direction. Let go of the mouse, type 12 and hit Enter.

See this article in the Help files.

Thanks for the quick reply. What if I’ve already dropped it somewhere? It seems it only shows distance relative to it’s last position.

You could use the Tape Measure tool to set up guidelines relative to the first shelf and use them as a reference to move the copy to. Make sure when you grab the shelf you are moving that you grab it by the corner that needs to go to the reference you’ve created.

Or you could undo the previous steps and start over doing it correctly.

Upload your SketchUp file. It’s easier to show this stuff than write about it.

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The measuring tool did it! Thanks!

Is there a way to center an object between 2 other objects?

Sure. There are several ways. you can mark out the center between the objects with guidelines, you could draw a line between the two objects and just inferencing to reference the midpoint, or if it’s the shelves you’d thinking about, you can make an array of copies of the parts with Move/Copy. See the link I provided before. If you share your SketchUp file, it’s a whole lot easier to answer your questions with precision.

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