How to grab and move a couple of objects?

Hi, as you can see here there are two rows of racks. I would now like to move one of these rows closer to the other and am wondering how I can do that. It seems to be somewhat tricky to copy one row and then move it entirely. I failed many times… Is there a trick to that?

Also I would like to move one rows so that the distance between the two rows is exactly 56 cm.
How should I do that?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I assume the individual ‘parts’ are component instances, so they won’t stick together…

Select all of the ‘parts’ in one row - let’s assume it’s the right-hand one.
Use the Move tool and snap onto the nearest left-hand corner of the selected parts.
Drag them towards the other row and snap onto its top right-corner.

At this point you have both rows of parts touching.
The row of parts stays highlighted.
Click on a corner and use the Move tool to drag it in the desired direction [use an axis-lock key if needed], do not click in the Measurement box, simply type 56cm + enter
The row moves over by that amount - until you choose another Tool you can adjust the distance by typing new values…


I’m again having some trouble moving the translucent box. first I saved all of the racks to one component. Second, I created the translucent box (that should depict the container in which I would like to put the racks). When I now move the translucent box from right to left along the green axes, everything goes smoothly. However, when I now try to move it along the red axes as it’s slightly displaced, the vertical sides of the racks also start moving. This, I would like to avoid

I suppose this has to do with whether or not I could really create and save two separate components. Maybe this didn’t work? Do you have an idea how I could fix this?

This is what happens. The first two racks will be grabbed and changed also when I move the translucent box.

It would appear that your racks are not components, or that the translucent container box has been included within the rack component rather than being a separate component of its own. This is a guess based on the screen shots you have shown. If you upload your model by saving it to your desktop from Free and dropping that file into a response window we could see exactly whats going on.

Learn more about Components and Groups here:

What @endlessfix said.

Ignoring the person, you should really have 10 identical instances of a Component as the boxes and another Component or Group for the container. Within each Group/Component you should have raw geometry. Then you won’t get any conflict.

Also your container is not a component. I think making it a component was discussed in another thread. Make the container (just the 6 sides and their edges) a component. When you go to move it, just grab it at a corner with the move tool (don’t “edit” or “open” the component of the container for the move).