Move in wasd

Most games that use ASDW also use the arrow keys for the same movements.

As for that taking up a lot of keyboard shortcuts, including the inference lock keys, I had imagined the FPS controller as putting you into a mode where keypresses are intercepted, as you might see with Solid Inspector for example. You would close the FPS controller to return to normal modeling.

Ok cool

I would go so far as to argue that it would be useful. A few people in this thread are admitting they can’t see why this would be desired or useful and to them I squint and wonder if they’re being serious.

SketchUp is used professionally in the creation of real world constructions. Having the ability to walk around a space that has been designed for walking around in is absolutely sensible. It would be FAR more useful than the utterly clumsy Walk tool and the modeling oriented camera tools for creating walkthroughs.

Personally I would welcome a “mode” that allowed for this kind of model navigation that was specific to viewing only.


I was thinking in terms of a mode as well, and by neat I mean that as a first person view of your model world it would be efficient and familiar to a lot of people. That doesn’t mean that it’s generally useful to all users.


There is a lot in SketchUp that is not generally useful to all users, but it’s there because for many people it’s useful. For architects I imagine it would be useful as it is a natural way to move through the space like you would in real life. SketchUp is already a first person camera view. This would be enhancing that and removing the need to use other software.

I’m not a fan of how this subject was brought up and presented, but I do agree mostly with the idea that a huge amount of people would find this type of navigation pretty welcome. Cheers.


As an architect I would say no. When modelling you need to be able to “turn round the model” and “walk back and forth” like a sculptor and for that the mouse orbit and zoom are almost ideal. “Walking through” belongs more to presentation than design.

There is already Walk and Look Around tools, so what is in SketchUp wouldn’t change. Only the way you use those two tools would have an alternate way of being controlled.

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Donald, is that you?


I was sure to specify that the native orbit and zoom are best for modeling and that this would be a great “mode” for navigating and viewing as one would on foot in the real world.

I agree. I think it would be great for presentation almost entirely. I design spaces and experiential environments. Being able to present the experience of entering a space is really useful to me. Using scenes to piece together a walkthrough is clumsy and so is the walk tool. The ability to enter a more efficient mode of touring the model like this would be useful to me.

I’m not dismissing the idea, I can see it’s use for visualization.

I went back a played a bit with the walk around arrow keys to get the idea, I didn’t think it was so bad? Kinda fun.


Please don’t write in all caps. It makes it harder to read and comes off as shouting. Also several of your comments have been flagged as inappropriate. If you ask questions politely you are more likely to get an answer. If you want to make a feature request, you are more likely to succeed if you concentrate on the arguments and stay respectful.

Please don’t take this comment the wrong way - I personally agree SketchUp would be better with WASD-like first person controls added - but the way you discuss this idea comes in the way for the idea itself.

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:video_game: press this when in design mode and it turns on wasd controls

:video_game: press this again when in wasd controls and then it turns off wasd controls

:ok: :cool: :smiley:

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You know, Lumion uses WASD control, so it’s not too out there.

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