The movement system

look Sketchup your system is good the movement is bad I know this isn’t a video game but for the love of my hands please change it so we can use W, A, S, and D, or in gamer terms wasd to move it would be easier

The moused based navigation system in SketchUp is excellent, it allows for quick and efficient modeling and it’s worth getting to know it.

However, if you are looking for a more game like way of navigating in SketchUp Free, use a combination of the place camera tool which allows you to set an eye height then invoke the walk around tool which will allow you to move around your model using the arrow keys, including collision detection.

This would generally be used for test navigating a model or for visualization purposes, not for modeling.


A different way to think about it, as a new game…


yes Mabey someone who isn’t used to wasd controls but for someone who plays video games and runner up controls to joysticks is wasd this would be useful especially since the options for movement are mouse or trackpad and since there might be a chance that a student on a Chromebook doesn’t have a mouse and the tracking pad is very hard to use after a long day even more when your hand are wet and sweaty using was would be useful and to look hold down right mouse button or trackpad

no hard feelings and I also didn’t mean for this comment to come off as rude or hurtful or to even cause any problems. So if it has caused any of these I am greatly sorry.

No worries, you have not hurt anybody’s feelings. I understand how using the familiar system you are used to would be appealing. The arrow keys with the walk around tool is the closest thing you will find to WASD. In general this option has not been developed because it is much less efficient. You get stuck places, you can’t teleport from one side to another, you can’t quickly change scale, you can’t flip things upside-down, you cant fly through walls and work from the inside. SketchUp is completely designed around a three button scroll wheel mouse, using one allows you to fly around your model very quickly without switching the tool you are using. One can use SketchUp with a trackpad well, it takes some practice but it can be done. The keyboard keys are all valuable tool shortcut keys so few serious modelers would want to give them up or be limited to navigation in a point to point movement system.

I’m not telling you WASD is wrong, just that it’s not the best way to controll this game called SketchUp, no matter how used to it one is.


I know that my opinion as biased at this point, but as someone who has been using 3d modeling software and playing video games for decades, I can say that SketchUp’s movement through models is one of the most natural ways to move in 3D space. As mentioned, you can use the arrow keys to navigate, but the letter keys are generally reserved for shortcuts which most users would prefer to use over movement keys.
As far as getting used to one way of moving over another I can recommend this - Try committing to the way it works and see if you like it. There will always be another way that we have done things in the past, but holding onto ways thing used to be done prevents you from learning new ways of doing things.
Also no telling anyone they are wrong to ask for anything, but i recommend really giving something a fair shake before asking someone to change it. :grin:


sure as they say don’t try to change it before you’ve tried it.


So you know, Aaron isn’t the only gamer at SketchUp, and we have tried ideas, including ASDW and Xbox controller movement. But, no way to tell if something will be added officially at some point.

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sounds like a plan even though my opinion doesn’t really matter since I’m a child

which I’m sure yall already knew cause I’m using SketchUp on the school use version

There are a great many people here and in my real life that I have dealt with who are not children or perceived to be a child when in fact they are quite young. The reason being they are thoughtful and reasoned with their thinking and don’t demand things to be the way they want them to be.
If they have an issue they explain what it is and the pros and cons and how it could be fixed or how it affects their workflow. Often they have good suggestions and we implement them.
They also use correct capitalization and punctuation.


Yes the kids you have talked to make a pros and cons list as well as use proper punctuation and capitalization but you have to remember I’m still a kid and I honestly don’t care if I use proper punctuation or capitalization just as long as i get the message across.

I use the FPS Nav extension from SketchUcation for doing walkthroughs, but I would NEVER want to use that to actually model or do anything else really.

It’s cumbersome to try to get under over or behind objects quickly using the wasd movement system.

The extension is kinda a work in progress but with some tweaking it works well enough.

The tweaks are complicated, though. It involves some musical chairs with certain files in the extension folder.

Tweak Explanation

A man has edited the code of the FPS Nav extension to fix some bugs:

  • Stuttering camera movement
  • Inverted x,y look
  • Along with other things.

But the implementation of the code he changed is not very straightforward.

First install the FPS Nav Extension.

Then follow the instructions found in the following GitHub thread:

Fixed jumpy movement and other changes. by NathanSweet · Pull Request #2 · AlanChatham/FPSNav-for-SketchUp · GitHub

**** OR ****

The best thing would be to take Nathan’s changes and the extension itself and then somehow combine them into a single RBZ. A dear forum user has attempted to do just that, and it seems to have worked. You can follow this link to his post where you can find and download the forked version of FPS Nav as an RBZ:

Convert zip to rbz - #18 by dezmo

Keep in mind that part of your message is how it is presented. If the presentation makes the message unappealing or hard to understand, you won’t be as effective as you could be.


But then there is also the fact that because I am young I’m not going to notice if something in my comments is spelled wrong or missing popper punctuation which leaves it up to the computer or whatever spelling correction system I’m using E.g. Grammarly, but since I don’t have the full version of it it’s not going to pick some miss corrections up for example when I said “but since I don’t have” the i was type as a lower case i rather then an upper case i which Grammarly didn’t pick up just like how it isn’t picking up all the other lower case Ies in the last sentence but did pick up me misspelling, sentence, misspelling, I’m, and punctuation. Now because I’m looking back in my reply to retype these words I’m noticing it didn’t pick up propper so thus propper is popper. Now I’m beginning to sound like I’m pointing out all the flaws of Grammarly rather than trying to give some helpful feedback on how to improve Sketchup. I’m also trying to use improve rather than fix or make better because Sketchup isn’t bad nor is it broken.

Thanks for that. I agree. :slight_smile: