Move ALL Edges to Untagged?

Hi people,

I tend to export geometry from Rhino and the exporter places edges in Tags instead of Untagged, so when I turn off tags this is what my model looks like.

I know edges are supposed to go to untagged, this was done by exporter. I am now wondering if an extension is able to select all edges inside all components and groups and move them to untagged.


Not only edges but also faces are best to be left untagged.
Deleting tags and “moving” their content to untagged will also “move” objects to untagged. That may not be what you want.

So you’ll need an extension to iterate through all objects to do the job on only basic geometry.
I think Tigg made such an extention. Search on Sketchucation forum.

I think the extention is called “Default layer geometry”.

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How do all those edges get created without faces? That does not look like sketchup geometry, I know you said you imported it from Rhino, but did those rectangular boxes have faces in Rhino?

I have no idea how rhino works. Simply making and observation. I don’t see how the Tags will make a difference. Is that whole jumble a “group” or just a bunch of lines?

When I draw “untagged” lines without faces it looks just like what you show.

If you “turn off tags” on those tagged lines the lines should not be visible. That is what turning off a tag does.

OP doesn’t want all the loose geometry to be tagged at all, or tagged as “Tagged”. SU apparently moves Rhino loose geometry to “Tagged”. So that’s the issue.

Deleting the “Tagged” tag should give the option to move the geometry on “Tagged” to “Default” or “Untagged” (I don’t recall which) or any other Tag.

Wo3Dan pointed to an extension that might do it as well.

Yeah I was wrong about what the exporter is doing. It is actually putting faces in tags and leaving edges on untagged. So when I hide tags, faces turn off but edges remain.

Makes quite a mess but I think just resetting with “Default layer geometry” is the way to go. Then I will have to move groups into tags but oh well.