Recursivly change Tag?

Hello all,

I am confused on how to change the tag of objects.

Say I have a chair.
I can change the tag of the chair object easily, but the dozens of groups and components (as well as the hundreds of lines and surfaces) in that object will now be out of sink with the object and this will produce weird buggy behavior. And changing them all individually will take hours.

What am I missing?

The edges and faces should already be untagged. They should always be left untagged. And there’s no need to tag the groups and components of the chair if the chair is a nested object and has a tag unless you want to be able to show or hide parts of the chair but then all of those parts would need a different tag than the parent object. Most likely you would just open the chair for editing and select the groups/components inside and change the tag to Untagged in Entity Info.
If you’ve tagged the edges and faces in your model, get a plugin called Default Layer Geometry from Sketchucation and run it to remove the tags from the geometry.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

edges and faces are automatically taged with the layer you are working in…

So the first few lines and faces I draw are untagged, but as soon as organization and the ability to hide geometry become useful everything after that will be auto tagged.

If I only worked in untagged, then unfinished interim work would not behave correctly.

Thanks for the suggestion, that extension looks to be just want I needed.
Version: Pro 2023

The correct workflow is to leave Untagged active at all times and leave all edges and faces untagged.

If you follow the correct workflow it will work correctly. It’s also a whole lot easier and less likely that you will induce errors.

There is no reason to tag thhe edges and faces in the model. Only groups and components should be give tags.

Hmm, Default Layer Geometry isn’t working. Not exactly sure what part it is is misbehaving, it is untagging some things, but other things are not being untagged resulting in objects that require 2 tags active to be seen. I think maybe my nesting groups and/or components are retaining their tags.

Is there a more forceful extension, because as it stands this will require like a long time to fix manually?

Even if only groups and components get tagged, that still does not solve the issue when building complex models that have groups nested in components nested in groups nested in a component, that are then part of a group.

Default Layer Geometry removes the tags from the edges and faces and sets them all to Untagged. It only removes tags from edges and faces. It isn’t intended to change tags given to the groups and components in the model.

There isn’t a more “forceful extension”. You can select all of the child objects and change to Untagged as I showed you. Alternatively you could delete the tags and choose to set everything to Untagged in the process.

I am getting the idea that starting over with the correct workflow may be easier than trying to “fix” the model you have.

I doubt starting over is required. Sorting out the correct tag usage should be fairly straightforward. If you want to share the model I’ll take a look at it and clean it up for you.

It sounds like there is some confusion about how to use Tags in organizing a model but it is certainly possible to manage big complex models with many sub assemblies using tags, even easier now using tag folders as well.