Mouse runs wild when face is selected. Possible HP Envy problem

Hey there comunity!
I just bought a new laptop and im having a weird issue with Sketchup pro 2020 in Windows 10…

All modeling seem to go well until I select a face, then the mouse cursor starts jumping around and gets a circle around it (can´t screenshot that). The issue seems to amplify the closer I am to the surface in question, as it had something to do with zoom or how much of the screen is covered by it (?). I also noticed that when i select a face, the little blue dots that show it is selected appeared outside the face itself:

I did work a couple of days on it with no issue, but my workflow is based on components so I did little face selection, the issue arrose when i tried to zoom in for detailing, I tried new files in case it was a file size problem and it happens with as little as one face modeled. I must note that in between starting the model and the issue appeared I updated windows.

I tried another USB mouse, another bluetooth mouse and the trackpad and nothing changed.
I updated the Nvidia drivers. No change.
I tried it with fast feedback on and off and tried multisample anti-aliasing 4x and 8x. Same story.
I updated the Intel graphics drivers too just in case. No change.
I updated windows. Nothing…
I tested runing sketchup with the integrated graphics. Had the same problem.
I tried installing Sketchup Pro 2017. Same issue.

I found a thread with a similar problem and two users had a similar experience, oddly enough with diferent configurations of the same pc model HP Envy x360:

there DaveR nothed that it might be that the GeForce MX250 was not sturdy enough but my last laptop had a Radeon R5 and had no issue so i doubt it.

I´ve been using sketchup for like a decade now so i know my way around the program and the issue should have nothing to do with lack of experience.
I need to find a fix within 20 days so in case it has something to do with the HP Envy model i can return it, but I really like this laptop and would love to keep it if this can be solved.

my setup:
HP Envy x360 15.6
intel i7 10510U
Nvidia GeForce MX250 2GB
Windows 10 Home 1909

Sorry for the long post, looking forwart to reading you guys, Cheers!

UPDATE just noticed the ghost blue dots appear in the program but not in the screenshot! please dont think im dilusional.

UPDATE 2 also, when orbiting around the model the computer makes a weird whirring noise, like a 90’s desktop connectic to the internet, should that be a concern? is really not loud, but i’m paying attention to everything i can.

It certainly sounds like a graphic card issue, and if the others were the same ‘family’ then it could be something in the configuration.
The ‘weird whirring noise’ is the fan spooling up because the card is working hard.
If it was me and I had the option I would be going for a different laptop.

I thought of the fan but it sounds different, i’m missing the word to describe it (not native to english) but if it was the fan it would be making like half a turn at a time, anyway, i can save that for another forum…

Do you think the GPU is actually underpowered? or an issue specific to this unit, like manufacturing problem or such?
i’d really like to keep this laptop (this model) as I choose it for a varyety of reasons besides modeling in sketchup, and where i’m from we dont have the whole array of laptops that you can find in the US or EU.
Do you know if there’s a way to check if the issue is recurrent to the model or is just this one pc?
any software fixes i could try before returning it?
or a way to uninstall windos updates to check out if the issue had something to do with that?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Also, the other HP Envy’s configurations were quite different. One was a ryzen 5 vega 8 and the other an i7 8th gen with integrated graphics…

I’m afraid I don’t really have anything more I can add, I’m only guessing from the symptoms that it is a graphic card problem.

don’t worry, thanks for taking the time :smile:

The Mx250 is a rebrand of mx150 with a bit more clock speed and a higher price…
Its a low level dedicated graphics solution and maybe not optimal for sketchup.
Maybe you need to adjust the open-gl setting in sketchup for better results.

Example of problems with graphics card detected by sketchup

The button graphics card details gives more infos in case of problems reported by sketchup.

Did you quit and restart SketchUp after changing these settings? Changes only come to effect after an application restart. It sounds to me like a fast feedback issue. Is SketchUp using the Nvidia graphics?

thank you, i did try the openGL options, but nothing changed.
the program is running on the Nvidia card with no reported issues there.
i also tried running skp with the integrated graphics just to check and skp did warn me it was using un underpowered GPU, anyway that didnt solve the issue, same behaviour with the Intel graphics.

yes, I restarted the progran when trying each option, fast feedback unckecked didnt solve the problem. and the program is running on the nvidia card and reporting no issues in the openGL panel.
thanks for your help

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