Mouse jumping all over the place


Problems i am having… when zoomed in on items mouse bounces all over the place… drivers are all up to date but this is obnoxious… HELP ME
just a standard logitech mouse


i am using windows 10 and sketchup pro 2018


You mean the cursor bounces all over the place?

It’s a good idea to add your computer specs to your profile, including your graphics card.


HP Envy X360 Converible
Windows 10
Intel Core i7 8550 CPU
Intel UHD Graphics 620


Youre Intel graphic card might not be up to the task.
Uncheck Window-OpenGL-Use Fast Feedback and see if it makes any difference.

Also, if you have the camera set to ‘parallel’ zooming in could cause clipping issues (basically positioning the camera within he geometry) which might also be what you describe.