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What are the rules governing the submission frequency of extensions?

It looks like the system is being exploited by some extension developers in order to have their extensions feature at the top of the most recent list as often as possible.

I’m all for updates being done and revisions released, however when it is this frequent it seems a little suspect.

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I submitted my electrical extension a couple weeks ago and it is still waiting for review.

I would submit that again. Sometimes an extension fails review but the email saying so also fails to be sent.

Do you have any examples of this? I’ve sometimes updated 4 or so extensions at once when fixing a bug common to them all, and have later realized my extensions more or less filled up the list of recent extensions. It’s not something I’ve done on purpose though and I’d like to believe no other extension developer does it either.

I wouldn’t count anything on the current extension warehouse implementation, considering all the slowness and issues it has.

I wouldn’t even try to interprete something like other developers intentionally upload dummy updates. Since there is no way of automated uploading (not yet EWH API), I doubt any extension developer invests much time to trick the system. Maybe what is labeld “frequency” counts something else, maybe it does not update, maybe the statistics are skewed. Same for listing the most popular (most seen) authors which causes more clicks on the same and makes the list very static.

Don’t worry about it even if it is unfair. Hope that a new Extension Warehouse falls from heaven! :sun_behind_small_cloud:


As for the numbers of users, if you look at the native extensions, one might get an idea of the total of pro users (they are about the same for Trimble Connect, Dynamic Components, etc)

Are these numbers reliable? Is it not reatricted by GAAP :thinking: :smiley:

who have used Extension Manager…

anyone who hasn’t, would not be in the statistics as the extensions are shipped with SU…

historically, only a small minority of all users, actively use/seek extensions…


But what about Trimble connect, which had an update during the maintenanceless 2018?
Surely one can ignore the message upon starting, but…

If I remember the stats I’ve seen correctly about half of the Pro users use extensions while it’s a tiny fraction of Make users. I might be mixing that up with payed extensions, but I think it was extensions in general.

Some developers - myself included use the development cycle called RAD - which stands for Rapid Application Development.

With RAD you do small development iterations but very frequently. My CabMaker plugin has now undergone 136 updates in 3.4 years. That averages out to around 40 updates a year.

To tell you the truth - I often skip a few releases when updating the Extension Warehouse.

I did submit version 3.0.134 but I skipped 3.0.135.
3.0.136 is in the queue.

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I typically do the same thing with the Extension Warehouse since it seems to be really hard to get things reviewed or processed. I usually try to refresh my listing(s) at least once a month and even then it seems like it can take months before it gets reviewed and updated on the site.

However, with the SketchUcation plugin Store I can upload a new version immediately and it will be live so I try to upload every new version as soon as I release it.

Of course you can always go to my website to get the latest version at anytime so I don’t sweat it too much. If people know of my plugins and want to get them they typically know where to find me.

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