More powerful tags palette in layout

Having multiple viewports stacked on top of each other to control lineweight works, but feels like a workaround. But the stacked viewports also lets you have the geometry that you want to dimension in a separate not locked viewport that makes it easier to find your snap-points in a crowded drawing.

I suggest that the consept of SketchUp tags being accesible in layout is taken further. If one can choose lineweight per tag in that palette there is no need for stacked viewports Also if one can lock most layers but the one one wants to dimension then that task is straight forward, with less snap interference.

Copying a viewport would copy the tags settings. Using the pipette tool could transfer layer settings also, to a streamlined easy to learn and understand workflow. After all the stacked viewport workaround have conceptual problems, because it introduces draw order choices to the viewports, and sometimes, typically in sections, it’s real hard to find the right stacking order.

For instance, the outer walls in a section would present back wall geometry that is meant to be hidden, so you need to keep that viewport to the back, although that might show construction inside the wall that will obscure your outer wall fill. It can be nearly impossible to stack the viewports in a way that produces the correct section one single viewport would produce.


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