More Features Removed

  1. No more preview box -
    a. Only choice is to open a model in a new tab so you don’t lose your place in a user’s warehouse. Otherwise, when you go back to a user’s warehouse, if you were past the first page, you have to find that page again because you’ll looking at the beginning of that person’s warehouse
    b. Because there’s no more preview box now, you can’t see the “like” count on your own models as I described how to do for @orbsphere in another thread

  2. Why was the ability to view the liked models and liked collections of others, removed?

  3. Though it’s been some time now since it happened, why were the links to a person’s warehouse removed from email notifications? It was nice to be able to clik on that link to get to their warehouse and see their models. As it is now, because usernames do not have to be unique, if you do want to see someone’s models, you have to hunt for them. What’s worse - there may not be any models in any of the warehouses under the particular username

Hey SketchrUppr!
Thanks for the feedback! Understanding your goals for item #1, your “job to be done,” can help us improve the model card design. How are you hoping to use the information displayed there?

a. Visualization preferences:

  • Do you prefer a larger thumbnail for more detailed model viewing?
  • Are viewing a model’s likes, downloads, and views helpful metrics for you?
  • Did you find the preview box useful for understanding other aspects of the model?

b. Engagement insights: Are you interested in viewing your “like” count or other engagement metrics directly on the model cards page?

c. Functionality. Was being able to Like or Save to a Collection from the preview screen integral to your workflow?

This feedback is invaluable for us! Let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for replying, @TheGuz, and my apologies for just answering your request.

I believe in crediting people for their work. If I cannot create something myself, I search the 3DWH for what I want. If an author/artist did not claim credit, I rely on the number of likes, downloads and dates to try to identify the true author/artist. The last place for all three after all the recent changes, was on the pop-up preview. And of course, it is nice to see how many likes any one of my own models have received* - like @orbsphere wanted to see - without having to go into analytics. Doesn’t really matter if that info is on a pop-up preview or on the page of an individual model.

As for seeing the liked models and liked collections of others…many who have collections, are choosey about what they collect. The reason for liking these liked models and liked collections is for the same reason why I, along with a few others, wanted the return of “Related,” and the ability to see what collections our models had been added to.

For me, there is no workflow involved - I’m not a professional. For me it’s convenience, appreciation of others’ art styles, and respect for other peoples’ work. I can only assume that a lot of these features have been removed because they are of little use or interest to professionals.

*Note - I recalled incorrectly in reference to #3 above. The link was not to the user who clikked the like on a model, instead, the email notification used to contain the info on how many times the model had been liked - that info (though not always accurate) disappeared from email notifications mid-2021.

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