Monster Shadow from Trees in Wrong Direction

I have a landscape with several buildings on it and lots of 2D trees. The shadows work fine in the normal sense, but I’m getting a Monster shadow in the opposite direction at the same time. I have GeoLocated my model and have played around with the Shadow settings… Cant get rid of this glitch!
Can you help?

Can you share the model so we can have a look and help you sort out the problem?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2022 which isn’t possible yet.

Hi DaveR.
Happily share model… How do I do that?
I just put the most modern one I could think of… It’s 2021. yes.

Since it’s likely too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Maybe you could correct your profile?

I’ve shared it - hope it works.
(can’t see how to update my profile… I’m a noob)

Got your file. As for updating your profile, click on the W in the gray circle in the top right corner of the forum page. Then Preferences (the person icon) followed by Preferences (the gear icon).

As for your model, it’s quite odd. I’ve turned off all tags except the Trees Existing and LFX_Shrubs. Here I have those weird shadows.

After turning off the Trees Existing tag and turning it back on, the shadows are in a different location.

In general I suspect it’s a case of the graphics being confused by all of the Face Camera components.

There’s some weird hidden geometry in some of the trees. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

@colin might have some ideas.

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OK, so I turned off all the trees in the center area and found 3 large that were causing the odd shadows, Deleted them and all are fine now…

Like this.

There is one particular tree that has been scaled, in two places that it is used. It will be the trees near where the shadow starts. Right-click on trees in that area, and look for one that has a Reset Scale option not grayed out. Reset the scale, and it will fix the shadow problem.

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Scale! i forgot to check for that.

Thanks ! I’ll remember that for the future . . . !

Thanks very much!

What do I do if I know some trees of a type are particularly large? Can I not scale some trees to be bigger than others?

You can scale them but you should select the ones that will be larger and use Make Unique to separate them from the others. Then open one of the components for editing and scale the geometry or Scale the component, right click and choose Scale Definition. That’ll update the other related instances. Generally better not to leave components scaled without correcting their definition to avoid future problems.

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I think I get this. If I select a few together and choose Make Unique, do they become unique as a group? So if I scale one of those, now unique, the others will follow.
I will choose Scale Definition when I do this.
Thanks again.

Yes. They become unique as a “group”. Still related to each other but not to the other ones.