Models in website integration with colour options

Hi All,

My name is Seb, and I was hoping if someone could point me in the right direction.
We try to integrate a model form the 3D into our website what is working but we offer a variety of colour options for one and the same product. Is there a possibility in the viewer to change the colours of the model or is there a program that would allow it?
Thank you very much.

You could check out Sketchfab for embedding 3D models on your website.

I would imagine it is then just a case of arranging a page to show thumbnails of each color option (hosted on Sketchfab) and a zoom window for the selected one.

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SimLab Composer > WebGL
SimLab Composer integration plug-in for SketchUp is a free tool that acts as a middle layer between SketchUp and SimLab Composer app.