[Simlab Composer] For object conversion and rendering - nice tool!

Hi All,

Just a mini-review of a great tool for SketchUp users…

For those seeking awesome object conversion to and from sketchup… and ALSO for some splendid rendering, don’t forget “Simlab Composer”. I’m just a user, but I love the object conversion and the speed / beauty of the renderings. It’s not an add-on or plugin… sadly… but it’s a terrific standalone. There’s a demo/trial. It seems to be very mature and stable.

Import and export supports about 20 formats… and though I’ve only tried a few, they work to perfection.

The pricing is very reasonable for what it does… and there are several “versions” of it that add capabilities… like animation, physics/mechanics simulation, etc.

Try the demo… let me know what you think!

(I also use the Twilight Renderer… which I think is a great value for integrated rendering)