Models have disappeared from Trimble Connect

For some reason my models have disappeared from Trimble Connect. I only had a few, about 6 or so and not at all important so not bothered by their loss. However I am concerned that I’ve inadvertently done something to lose them or the server has deleted them, both of which mean I can’t trust myself using the web for important models of woodworking ( I only started using the web SU recently as my old laptop died and I can’t install Make 2017 on my replacement).

Any pointers?

Footnote. Since composing this I’ve noticed there has been an online issue with SU - a possible reason?

I have been downloading all my files as SKPs which can be opened in SU for web as a backup. It doesn’t take long and then you have a backup. I have been starting to put it in a folder, and later if I want to print PDFs, I put them in the same folder. That way I don’t have my document file on my PC too unorganized. Everytime you change something on the SU file and download a new SKP, you can delete the old one from your folder.

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always thought getting ol’ because of preferring desktop applications and locally saved files over browser-based online apps saving to the cloud… but seem to be experienced instead. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Pointers: change the location of the server (America Europe or Asia) look for a project called ‘SketchUp ‘
The other is to be sure to be signed in with the Trimble ID that created the models in the project ‘SketchUp’ originally.

Thanks Mike; how do I change the server please?

In a browser, head for, sign in and choose all projects in the middle or when on mobile, it should be on the left:

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Got it done, thanks.