Models display a folder

I am user of the 2014 version, and the software works very well. I create a lot of 3D models I’ve sorted in folders on my PC.
On a PC running on Windows XP, no problem, the models appear. By cons, on a PC running on Windows 7, there it no longer appears, there is the software logo instead.
I tried to set the PC window 7 (Section “display”) for the display is identical to XP, but nothing works.
Do you have a solution to allow models to display their designs in the files on a PC running on window 7?
thank you in advance.

A 64bit PC doesn’t display thumbnails for 32bit applications - like SketchUp v2014.
To get thumbnails on a 64bit PC consider using SketchUp v2015 64bit.
Alternatively a 3rd-party utility like MysticThumbs could be used to force the thumbnail display…

thank you for your very quick response! I’ll see which of the two solutions is best for me