Sketchup 2017 64bit Thumbnail

Hello Guys.

I have a problem with my thumbnail on windows explorer. I’ve been already uninstalled another sketchup except my sketchup 2017. although i’ve been reinstalled my sketchup 2017 64 bit. but the thumbnail is only view a sketchup logo. not my model.

so doyou have a solution for this.

One way to see the icon as the view when last saved is to use XnView. I have not used in years (I am using MooTools 3D browser now), but it used to work just fine for this purpose.

Reinstall by right-clicking the installer exe file, and choose “Run as administrator”.
Reboot the computer afterward.

You always need to reinstall the highest version on your computer following an uninstall of any SketchUp version.

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