How can I get the saved files thumbnails to show the files instead of the sketchup logo

the saved files only show the sketchup logo, I have tried to reinstall sketchup as administrator
but it still shows the logo.

Did you reinstall logged in as admin?
Or did you login as normal user and then right click on the installer and choose “run as administrator”?
Only the second option is the correct way to install SketchUp…
Edit: for Windows users.

Are the saved files on One drive or other cloud based service?

Double-clicked to install here, everything working fine. Can also see thumbnails on local drive, network drive and Google drive.

Some thing else going on?

So you didn’t install SketchUp correcly.
You can do as I described and choose repair when presented.
If installed incorrect you can get all kinds of weird problems.
It will only take a minute or so…

I have no “weird problems” at all. Funny, when 2021 told me about the new version I didn’t get a “right-click to install” option. Just this…
2022 also works perfectly.

I didn’t say you have weird problems. Some users have no problems for years, some right away…

OK, never have. Been a user since v3.

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