How to have a file image appear in file explorer

OK. I’m at a total loss. It used to be that when I would save a sketchup drawing, it would take a small snapshot of the current view of the model. Since upgrading to Pro2021, all I can view in a file search in File Explorer is the SU Icon and not a snaphot. It is not helpful at all to not be able to see the model the file contains.

Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

It’s not you. There have been other reports of the same thing. It has to do with some registry entries not getting updated. Make sure that when you installed SketchUp 2021 you right clicked on the installer and used Run as administrator from the context menu. If you didn’t, you can run the installer again using the run as administrator option and then Repair.

If that doesn’t sort it out, you can manually edit the registry if you want. See: